Fly Fishing Association of Serra da Estrela


With its Headquarters located in the City of Covilhã, this Association aims to be a Fly Fishing Reference on a National Level (in Portugal).

Its actions are principally based on the dissemination and promotion of the modality, with the vision that more and more anglers become fans of this fantastic fishing style, and of the principles by which it is governed, such as, respect for wildlife and nature.

The foundation of this Association makes sense, because the potential for the practice of sport fishing that the Region of the Serra da Estrela provides in its series of Lakes, Rivers and Streams is enormous.

Well then, nothing better to promote the development of this very potential, than a local association, that due to the proximity with the institutions that can provide support for this development and with the terrain itself, will have the ideal conditions to devote to this task.






Lake Viriato and Rossim Valley Catch and Release until 29 August


                                                   Lake Viriato


                                        Lake of Rossim Valley

Lake Viriato and Lake of Rossim Valley can be fished by acquiring a special daily catch and release Fishing License, until the end of the month of August 
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